Siraya professional sports sunglasses

Professional athletes not only require design that makes them look great, but solid technology that enables them to perform better at their sports. By incorporating ZEISS’s scientifically researched lenses into Siraya’s lightweight, durable and fashion-forward frames, we have created a range of eyewear that will improve the clarity of athletes’ vision, even when faced with extreme speed and movement. All of Siraya’s professional sports sunglasses have the following features:

Designed for perfect fit

Siraya's frames gently wrap the face, minimizing both unfiltered light from leaking in, as well as the pressure applied to the cheekbones that may otherwise cause discomfort and loss of focus for athletes.

Stability during movement

Professional athletes need stability even under high-speed and sharp movements. Rubber earpieces and adjustable rubber nose-pads, keep Siraya's professional sports sunglasses firmly in place, no matter their face shape.

Light weight

The curve of Siraya's professional sports sunglasses frames and large surface area of our ZEISS lenses provide athletes with the coverage they need to truly protect and enhance their eyesight when playing.

Designed for perfect fit

Siraya's professional sports sunglasses are super light, making them comfortable for athletes to wear for prolonged periods, without negatively impacting their abilities when playing.

ZEISS Lens Options

All of Siraya’s Professional Sports Sunglasses are available with ZEISS’s patented Tri-Flection™ coating or ZEISS Super Silver Mirrored coating.

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