Journey with Siraya on a luxurious island adventure to Krabi

The eyes are how we take in the beauty of the world around us, and Siraya’s sunglasses are the windows through which the world can be observed in full glory, while keeping you protected from harmful UV rays.

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Our first Siraya adventure was to the Thai province of Krabi, an area featuring crystal clear waters, smooth sandy beaches and secret caves nestled within limestone karsts.

Watch our video to witness what can only be described as one of the most exquisite locations on earth.

Embrace the beach

With stoneless beaches, made from soft, powder-like sand, Krabi’s beaches brightly reflect the sun’s rays, bringing color to everything around.

The sand melts between your fingers and toes, making it one of the most comfortable places to sunbathe.

Get a different vantage point of the ocean by mounting a stallion and riding horseback as the waves gently lap at the steed’s hooves.

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Relax on the ocean

Let the Andaman Sea gently rock you as you sit on one of the floating docks and either watch the beach or gaze out at the water watching the boats go by.

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Explore the limestone karsts

One of the standout features of Krabi, are the large rock formations made of limestone called “karsts”, that have formed beautiful cliffs that suddenly emerge from the water. Within many of them you’ll find discreet caves etched by the waves over thousands of years, where you can steal a moment of tranquility for yourself.

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Get into nature

Just beyond the beaches of Krabi, you will discover many trees, plants and wildlife. Explore these miniature jungles to find some shade within which to cool off in.

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Find a pool

All of us sometimes just need the calm of a man-made pool in a natural setting, and you’ll certainly have that within the confines of your private villa or hotel.

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